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Diverse India Trips welcomes you to enthralling India. India is such a vast country filled with so many people of different religions. It is the second largest populated country in the world after China. India is the birthplace of the four major religions; Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Population of India follows different religions, tradition and have different culture. There are total 22 major languages that are spoken in India, among which Hindi is the most spoken language in India. History of India is very deep. This country has seen rise and fall of many Kingdoms and Kings. Historical monuments here are the proof of history that is told about India. Architectural work of these historical monuments are breathtaking. Another thing India is famous for is the spiced up food. Indian food is cooked with so different many spices which makes it taste and smell really good. Indian Spices are popular around the world. Spices used in the Indian cooking has many medicinal benefits. Every traveller who visit this country loves the Indian food and spices. Indian cuisine is one of its kind.

India Travel Packages

These are the best selling travel packages; Old Delhi Tour, Delhi Sightseeing Tour, Same Day Agra Tour, Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour, Agra Delhi Tour, Golden Triangle Tour, Golden Triangle Tour With Udaipur, Golden Triangle Tour With Ranthambore, Golden Triangle Tour With Varanasi, Rajasthan Tour, Rajasthan Heritage Tour, Rajasthan Budget Tour, Rajasthan Wildlife Tour, Rishikesh Tour, Amritsar Tour, Madhya Pradesh Tour, Nainital Tour, Dharamshala Tour, etc. Our tour plans are flexible to make the travel more relaxed and convenient for the travellers. That is why we offer customized India tours based on travellers requirements. We always believe in giving freedom of choice to our travellers. So they can choose the places that interests them and leave the rest to us. As this is your holidays and we want to make sure you enjoy to its fullest.

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Taj Mahal from Back Side

Delhi Tour Packages

We offer various flexible Delhi Sightseeing Tour Packages. Starting from day trip to multi day tours. Delhi tours covers both parts of Delhi, that is Old and New Delhi. Enjoy the rickshaw ride in Old Delhi. That will take you through the narrow streets of Old Delhi. You also get to see people doing their day to day activities. In conclusion, Delhi tours gives you the better view of India.

Agra Tour Packages

We have a range of Agra Tour Packages, starting from day trip to multi day tours. On this tour you get to witness the alluring Taj Mahal. This beautiful love symbol not only attracts locals but also people from around the world.

Golden Triangle Tour Packages

We offer wide range of Golden Triangle Tour Packages. These tours cover major and most travelled city of India; Delhi ,Agra,Jaipur etc. These tours are one of the hot selling tours and popular amongst every traveller.

Rajasthan Tour Packages

We offer various Rajasthan Tour Packages . Rajasthan is the state of Forts & palaces and on these tours you get to visit these beautiful attractions. Rajasthan- The Land Of The Kings.

India Trips FAQs

Q. Can I get quote on my planned India travel Itinerary?

A. Yes, you can get quote on your planned India travel itinerary. Just share your tour plan with a travel company and they will send you the quote. Even if you don’t know much about India and you are bit confused about which places to explore in India. Then don’t worry just contact a travel company and they will help plan your India trip.. Every travel company in India offers customized tour packages.

Q. What is best time to travel India?

A. Although every part of India has different weather conditions. But best time to travel India is between October and March. Especially for places like Rajasthan and Kerala it is the season time.

Q. Do I need to have a travel insurance while traveling in India?

A. Yes, it is always best to have a travel insurance if you are traveling to India. Because it is easy to get sick in country like India. But if you be careful with what and where you eat & drink then you won’t get sick. Important tips; Always use the mineral bottled water for drinking and brushing, never use tap water for drinking or brushing purpose in India. Just follow these tips and you would be able to enjoy every bit of India without falling sick

Q. Which is the most selling travel package of North India?

A. Golden Triangle Tour is the most selling tour package of North India. This tour covers the major historical cities of India; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Q. What are famous Yoga Retreat destination in India?

A. Rishikesh, Dharamshala and Goa are the famous Yoga Retreat Destinations. Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga City. Best time to travel Rishikesh is from September end to November end and then from March until April mid. Best time to travel Goa is between November and March. Best time to visit Dharamshala is between March and mid July.

Contact us with your travel query and let us help you arrange a wonderful trip to India. You can find more Tour Packages under “Tours” in the main menu.