Hindi Phrases For Your First Trip To India

Learn Hindi Phrases For Trip To India

Hindi Phrases you should know before your travel to India . These Phrases will be really helpful, especially if this is your first trip to India. Hindi is the common language spoken in many parts of India. It is always best to know the local language when traveling in other country. Although now a days English has also become common language in India. But still there are many people who only communicate in Hindi language.

  • Hello/ Goodbye : Namaste
  • Yes: Haanji
  • No: Jee Nahin
  • Thank You: Dhanyawad
  • My pleasure: Mera saubhagya
  • Sorry: Maaf Kar Dijiye
  • Please: Kripya
  • Excuse me: Suniye
  • How are you? : Aap kaise Hai?
  • I am fine. And you? : Mai bhi thik hu. Aap sunaiye?
  • It’s was Nothing: Koi baat nahi
  • What’s your name? : Aap ka naam kya hai
  • My name is? Mera Naam …. Hai
  • I don’t Understand: Mujhe samajh nahi aaya
  • Do you speak English? : Kya aap angrezee bolate hain?
  • Can you help me : Kya aap meri madad kar sakte hai
  • Who are you? : Aap Kaun hai?
  • Nice to meet you : Aapse milkar acha laga
  • Where are you from? : Aap Kaha se hai
  • I am from… : Mai …. Se hu
  • What is the price for this ? : Iskee keemat kya hai?

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