Things To Pack For India Trip

India is a country with large population and diverse culture. Due to large number of people living here the pollution rate is also high. As most of the people own private vehicles. Many travelers agree that India is not so clean country. You could see trash on roads which leads to flies and mosquitoes.  Also it is very easy to get ill, if you do not take care of what and where you eat and drink. To enjoy your India tour you will need to prepare in advance. This post is about important things to pack for India trip. All these items will really come in handy when on trip to India.

Important Packing List for India Trip

Things to pack for India Trip


Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Carry Anti – Pollution face mask with you wherever you go in India. It will not only protect you from Pollution but also from bad smell, which is common in India. Face masks can be really useful during Diwali festival as people burn a lot of crackers on this festival. This in turn increases the pollution rate. Although from past few years the rate of burning crackers on Diwali has come down. As now people had started taking initiative. Even the government has introduced green crackers that produce less smoke. Other time when face masks can come in handy is during winter. As the pollution get mixed with fog and it creates smog. It can be felt in air and affects the throat.


Clothes To PACK

Country like India is bit conservative especially towards females. People here give strange looks to not only the female travelers but to female locals as well, if they wear revealing clothes. If you are visiting mosques, temples or any busy market area then better would be to wear full length dresses, t-shirts or long pants etc. Avoid shorts and off shoulder tops. We do believe in equality but you know some people find it offending if anyone wearing short clothes enters a temple, mosque etc. They think as if you are not respecting their religion. They won’t say you anything but you can judge by their looks. So the suggestion for every female traveler would be to pack clothes which cover your shoulders and knees.

Also the climate of India is warm for most the year it always better to pack clothes that are bit loose in fitting and have breathable fabric. In India winter starts from November until February end (Dec and Jan are the coldest months), then from March onwards it starts to get warmer. Then summer starts from April until June ends (May and June month are the hottest month). Rainy season starts from July until September mid. Another reason why you should wear covered clothes and this goes for male travelers as well. As most of the time you will be out for sightseeing cities which means you will be open to insect biting. So if you are wearing clothes that cover most of your body then you don’t have to worry much about it.


Comfortable Traveling Shoes

Comfortable shoes are must when traveling, especially when the country is India. As you will be exploring huge forts, palaces, markets etc, which means a lot of walking. As the forts and palaces have large compound areas. It becomes easy if you have comfortable lightweight shoes, Sandals or a flip flops. Always pack an extra pair of shoe, just in case if one gets spoiled.  If you don’t have an extra pair with you and your only shoes gets spoiled then you will have to purchase a new one from the local market. It may be possible that you may not find your favorite brand here and you will then have to compromise on brand. As you won’t have any option left.


Medicine Kit

Always carry a medicine kit with you when traveling to India. Because it is very certain that you won’t find the same medicines or the manufacturer of the medicine will be different. So it is better to pack your own medicine kit. This kit should include; your daily medicines (if you are on any medication), band-aids, Anti-allergic, Diarrhea pills, Malaria pills, electrolytes powder, medicines for headache and cold, etc. Before preparing your kit do consult your doctors for medicine you should have on your trip to India. They will suggest you best. This is most important things to Pack for India Trip.


Mosquitoes Repellent Creams

This is a must pack thing on for your India trip. If the hotels you are staying in are good then you won’t have any issues of mosquitoes. Before going out in evening do apply mosquitos repellent cream. During rainy season it could be the life savior. As during that time there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes on streets. So always be well prepared.


Sanitizers & Wet Wipes

Always carry hand sanitizers with you when you are out exploring the cities of India. Because you will be open to dirt & bacteria. Many public toilets on highways won’t have any solid or liquid soap that is why hand sanitizer is must be in your packing list. Even having a wet wipes is good for wiping your face and hand.  You can also carry a paper soap which easily available in every store.


Sunglasses & Sunscreen

It is always recommend packing sunscreen and carrying your sunglasses when traveling in country which is warm most of the year. Do apply sunscreen before you go out for sightseeing in cities. In summer it is too sunny so wear sunglasses, it will protect your eyes.


Power Plug Adapters & Portable Chargers

Sockets in India are quite different from other countries. Here sockets are of type C, D & M. So this has to be on top of your list. As without this you won’t be able to charge your phone, camera, laptop, etc. So get the power plug adapter. You can find many options online. Also do carry portable charger with you all the time. For instance; if you are using your phone to click pictures and make videos on the tour then your phone battery will die out fast. So having a portable charger with you all time is best option.



Carrying snacks with you during traveling is the best idea. I always do that. You can carry some Energy Bars, Granola Bars, Dry fruits, Dates, Oatmeal cookies etc, whatever you like. Sometimes you won’t find any good Indian restaurants on highways and you would not want to stop at small unhygienic restaurants. It is better to have those snacks with you rather than stopping to an unhygienic restaurants and get ill. You can then munch on these snacks in those situations.



Earplugs are must to have in your packing when traveling to India. If you try to sleep on the way during your travel from one city to other then it won’t be easy. As India is too noisy, sound of honking will not let you sleep. So having earplugs will solve that problem.


All these things mentioned are really important to have on your packing list. These items will make things easy for you which will in turn will make your India Trip more relaxing and you will be able enjoy to its fullest.

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