India Travel Tips & Information


Traveling to India for the first time or even have been to India previously then these tips will be really helpful for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your Travel India.

  • Very first step of every planning is research. So you need to do allot of research about India before traveling . India is a huge country with so many places worth visiting and this can be overwhelming. It is for sure that you won’t be able to cover every place in one visit but you can narrow your list down to places which interests you more.

  • Once you have the list of places you want to visit then you can contact a travel company with your list of places, travel dates and number of days. It is better to plan and book your trip through a travel company as they arrange everything for you; Detailed Tour plan, Your transport from arrival until your departure, hotel bookings, etc. This makes your travel a lot easier than traveling by yourself in country like India.

  • Get your Vaccination done before your trip. Ask your doctor for more details on vaccination.

  • Always get your Travel Insurance before any trip to Overseas country.

  • Carry your Diarrhea medicine and other medicines too if you are on medication. Although India have allot good Pharmacies now.

  • Get yourself a pocket size hand sanitizer and always carry with you during when traveling.

  • Your travel packing should always based on the places you will be visiting, Is it cold or hot during your travel dates. Carry a power adapter which is compatible with Indian sockets, this is really important.

  • Learn some Hindi phrases that will help you understand and communicate with people. Though many people in India speaks English. But it is always better to know some phrases in the local language while traveling.

  • This trip to India will be a culture Shock for you. There are many things which will leave you in shock like; Cows roaming on the streets and causing traffic, Car moving too close on roads etc. So just know that it is India and all these things are common here.

  • Indian people are more welcoming and of helping nature. Some travelers have asked us why do people in India go out of the way to help tourists , do they have some motive. We always say that it is the Indian tradition which teaches us to treat Guest as God.

  • Sometimes people will stare at you or will ask to get get photo with you. This is something you need to be prepared for. Some tourists don’t mind getting photo clicked but some may not like it and totally understand. In this situation you can always say No politely.

  • Never eat street food and always go to a good clean restaurant. If you don’t know a good restaurant then you can always ask your driver and they will suggest you the good restaurant in the area.

  • Do not use Tap water for drinking or any drink with Ice. Always use mineral bottled water and do check the bottle seal before drinking.

  • We recommend our travellers to wear dress that covers your shoulders & knees when visiting Temples and Mosques. You will also be asked to remove shoes before entering the Temples and Mosques. This is way you are respecting their religion.

  • Take care of your belongings when walking on the road and market area.

  • Do not get the currency exchanged at the airport, as the airport exchange rate is low as compare to what you can get in the city.

  • You can get the sim card from the airport easily. There are Vodafone and Airtel counter inside the airport.

  • Although everyone nowadays uses whatsapp. We highly recommend all the travellers to install whatsapp in their phones before travelling to India. As this is the best and easy medium to contact.

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