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Delhi is the capital city of India. Delhi has many beautiful historical buildings that get every travelers attention. This city has seen rise and fall of many Kings and kingdoms. Every King during their rule built some beautiful buildings that are now known as historical monuments. History of Delhi is really deep. It is also known as the Indraprastha city during the epic time, home to Pandavas in the Mahabharata. Delhi was given different names by its conquerors. It is said this city got its name after the name of Raja Dhilu. He was the King of Mauryan Dynasty in the first century BC. There are many heritage sites in Delhi which are forgotten in time. But these sites are worth visiting on your Delhi Tour. Every attraction has its unique architectural design that will stun you and will push you back in time.

Top 5 Forgotten Heritage Sites of Delhi

1. Agrasen Ki Baoli Or Ugrasen Ki Baoli

agrasen-ki-baoli-stepwell-top-5-forgotten- heritage-sites-of-delhi
Agrasen Ki Baoli- Stepwell

This rustic looking step well is situated on the Haley road near Connaught Place in New Delhi. Many different stones and rocks were used in the construction of this step well. It has about 108 Steps that goes down to the well. There is no evidence to prove who built this step well. But it’s believed that this step well was built by the King Agrasen and the step well was named after him. This place is said to be haunted and there are stories about the black water of the well. It is said that the black water of the well used to hypnotize people and lure them to commit suicide. No one knows if these stories are really true and there is no report of suicide. But the well is now dried up.

Many Bollywood movies scenes have been shot on this attraction. You will also find many beautiful graffitis on the street walls outside the Step well. This attraction is open on all days from 9Am to 5:30PM.

2. Jahaz Mahal Fort

jahaz-mahal-fort-top-5-forgotten- heritage-sites-of-delhi
Jahaz Mahal Fort

Word “Jahaz” means Ship and “Mahal” means Palace. This beautiful attraction was built between 14th and 15th century during the Lodi dynasty. This fort got its name from the reflection that creates an image of floating ship. Fort is located in Mehrauli, Delhi. Jahaz Mahal was built to provide accommodation to pilgrims who travel Delhi from different countries to visit Muslim shrines during that time. This fort is open on all days from 10Am to 7PM.

3. Adham Khan Tomb

Adham Khan Tomb

Adham Khan Tomb was built in 16th century by Mughal Emperor Akbar. This tomb is situated near Qutub Minar in Delhi. Adham Khan was the son of Akbar’s nursemaid and also his foster brother. He was also a general in Akbar’s Army. Adham Khan murdered Akbar’s favourite minister due to jealousy. When Akbar was informed about the murder and the culprit. Then he immediately ordered to throw Adham Khan from the rampart of Agra Fort. Adham Khan was thrown twice and he died.

Later the nursemaid (Mother of Adham Khan) also died of grief of his son’s death. The bodies of  both mother and son were brought to Delhi with full honor. The tomb was built where the both were buried next to each other. Architectural design of the chamber is octagonal in shape which was used for traitors during that time. In past this monument had been used for several other purposes; British Officer Blake used this tomb as his residence and shifted the graves to make space for his dining area. Later it was used as guest house for the British. It was even used as Police station and Post office. It was Lord Curzon who took action and restored Adham Khan’s tomb to its original place. This tomb is open 24 hours everyday.

4. Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad Fort

The founder of Tughlaq Dynasty, Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq built this fort in 14th century. This fort is surrounded by huge sloping walls. This not so popular fort has not been extremely well maintained but still you can find the ruins of the fort. Inside the fort there is small mausoleum of Ghiyas-ud-din. A visit to this ancient fort will take you back in time. It is located in Tughlaqabad, New Delhi. This fort is open on all days of the week from 7AM to 5PM.

5. Chor Minar

Chor Minar

Chor Minar means the “Tower of Thieves”. It was built in 13th century under the rule of second Sultan of Khilji Dynasty, Alauddin Khilji. This minaret has about 255 Holes that are said to be used for display severed heads of thieves. Some believed that Alauddin slaughtered several Mughals to stop them from joining other Mughal settlements and these holes were used to display those Mughal’s head. This minar is located in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. It is open on all days from 10AM to 5PM


Do explore these forgotten heritage sites on your next trip to Delhi and learn more about the deep history of Delhi. Every heritage site has its own story behind its formation and is equally important. Travel India and get to know about it’s history, culture and religions.

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